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The Centre de Recherches Interlangues sur la Signification en Contexte (CRISCO – Crosslanguage Research Centre on Meaning in Context) was first set up thanks to Jacques François, Claude Guimier and Nicole Le Querler. It has been managed by Jacques François, Franck Neveu, Nicole Le Querler, Pierre Larrivée and now by Eric Gilbert. This research team (EA 4255) is specialised in the analysis of the interconnection between syntax and semantics. It also deals with variation, the extended question of linguistic change, language typology and corpus linguistics. English and French are particularly focused on but an inter-language perspective is also very important to the team with studies on German, Chinese, Spanish, Finnish and Russian.

Simultaneously with our work on fundamental linguistics, the CRISCO has developed and designed several automatic language processing tools. For example, Anametre, the speech synthesis software program KALI for French, English and Wolof and the Dictionnaire Electronique des Synonymes (Electronic Dictionary of Synonyms).

The laboratory publishes the journal Syntaxe & Sémantique at the Presses Universitaires de Caen (Caen University Press). This journal is associated with the Bibliothèque de Syntaxe & Sémantique collection which is open to editorial projects in these areas. The CRISCO is highly committed to elaborating and disseminating research in linguistics and it organises several research events. This includes, colloquiums and study days, seminars and workshops, conferences and meetings between linguists. A linguistic approach to learning and teaching language is promoted by the Ecole d’été Didactique et Langue (DEL, Language and Didactics Summer School) which is open to teachers, lecturers and researchers.

The impact and significance of our research provides an ideal environment for distinguished foreign researchers, as it does for (post)doctoral and MSc students who are actively supported by a host of research training activities. The CRISCO supports national and international federative projects through its affiliation to the Institut de Linguistique Française (ILF, CNRS FR 2393) and develops solid partnerships with both French and foreign research centres of similar interest and impact.

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Last update : July 17, 2018

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